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Monthly Resources

Visit our Perfect Harmony home page for this month's theme and accompanying resources. Below you will find an index of past months' themes and activities.


March 2024: Queens of the Songbook

February 2024: Everlasting Love

January 2024: George Gershwin

December 2023: Songbook Holiday

November 2023: Irving Berlin

October 2023: Harold Arlen

September 2023: Hooray for Hollywood!

August 2023: Imagination

July 2023: Songbook Academy Spotlights

June 2023: Hobbies

May 2023: On the Sunny Side of the Street

April 2023: Spring is here!

March 2023: Luck of the Irish

February 2023: Hello, Young Lovers

January 2023: The "New" American Songbook

December 2022: Happy Holidays!

November 2022: Gratitude

October 2022: Autumn in Perfect Harmony

September 2022: Songbook Hall of Fame

August 2022: Music & Nature

July 2022: Let's Get Patriotic!

June 2022: Summer Nights

May 2022: Friendship

April 2022: JAM for Jazz Appreciation Month

March 2022: Transport Yourself

February 2022: Love is Here to Stay

January 2022: Calendar Reflection

December 2021: Holiday Magic

November 2021: Songbook Musicals

October 2021: A Change in the Weather