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Photo by Mark Sheldon


The mission of the Great American Songbook Foundation is to inspire and educate by celebrating the foundational era of American popular music.


Our Core Values



We strive to exceed expectations and maintain the highest possible quality and professionalism in all our activities.

We seek out artists, educators and programming of exceptional quality.


We are creative, open to change and willing to take risks as an entrepreneurial leader in the performing arts field.

We are committed to presenting novel and innovative programming.


We work together in a mission-driven spirit of teamwork, mutual support and the sharing of ideas and responsibilities.

We proactively pursue opportunities to collaborate with artists and community partners.


We value and embrace all people and perspectives as we serve the entire Indiana community through a diverse range of programming and cultural experiences.


We demonstrate honesty, fairness and transparency, with a focus on the Foundation’s long-term success.

We live up to our responsibilities and hold others accountable to do the same.