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Preservation Partners

Preservation is at the heart of what we do at the Great American Songbook Foundation. The Songbook Library & Archives exists to preserve the physical artifacts of America’s rich musical history so that current and future generations can experience them. It is the only facility solely dedicated to preserving the Great American Songbook.


This growing national preservation effort – which already involves 300-plus collections comprising over 500,000 items – is supported financially by the Foundation’s Preservation Partners. Preservation Partners also enjoy access to exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences, both online and in person, including joining Michael Feinstein in the Library & Archives for private tours of our most exciting collections.



With the support of our Preservation Partners, collections like the Meredith Willson Papers and exhibits like The Unsinkable Meredith Willson are becoming more accessible to diverse audiences including scholars, educators and performers.



Thank you to our Preservation Partners:


Diane and John Abrams

Maureen Charles

Michael Charles

Karen E. Kennedy

in loving memory of Muriel & Bob Kennedy

Dr. Larry Weeda Jr.


We invite you to become a Preservation Partner with a tax-deductible contribution supporting the Songbook Foundation’s preservation efforts. Contact Jo Garcia at for more information on how to become a Preservation Partner today.