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Education & Outreach

A core part of the Great American Songbook Foundation’s mission is to introduce and promote the Great American Songbook to the next generation of young musicians.  Aside our high school summer music program (The Songbook Academy), the Songbook Foundation offers a host of educational resources and programs year-round.

By developing an effective and entertaining curriculum-based program, including in-school performances, the Foundation reaches children of all ages by introducing them to the music and composers of the Great American Songbook. Through entertainment, students can appreciate the music of the Songbook while also learning the cultural and purely American historical context that is integrated seamlessly within its legacy.


Read about some of our educational opportunities below:


Schedule a Field Trip/Exhibit Lesson: Your students are invited to explore the Great American Songbook Exhibit Gallery and the histories and lyrics of popular music, including their favorite current-day songs. Educational materials and resources correspond to Indiana Academic Standards for Language Arts and Music for grades 6-8.  For more information about lesson plans or to schedule a field trip, fill out the contact form below.


Traveling Exhibits: The Great American Songbook Foundation’s Gallery Exhibits are on the road! Fill out the contact form below request a time for your school, library or organization to host one of our traveling exhibits from Ella Sings the Songbook to The Unsinkable Meredith Willson.


Interested in scheduling a field trip or reserving a traveling exhibit for your school or library? Just want more info?


Contact Us!

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