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A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs (1910-1965)
Using images from Broadway musicals, classic films, and personal collections, A Fine Romance tells the story of Jewish artists who created songs of wit, sophistication and optimism through America's ups and downs during the 20th century.
Collections Highlight: Steve Madrick
The Songbook Foundation's Collections Highlight series, featuring bite-sized online exhibits spotlighting a collection that may be smaller in physical size, but just as significant in scope. Welcome to saxophonist Steve Madrick's collection.
Donor Spotlight: Maryanne Siek
Meet Maryanne Siek, a uniquely talented donor who volunteers her time as well as financial resources. Maryanne grew up with the music of the Songbook and is passionate about its preservation.
Introduction to Campaign Music
At the surface level, it might seem like music’s role in politics is just a convenient way to begin or end a political rally. However, history has shown us otherwise. Political songs have been used for hundreds of years to bolster the image of politicians running for office.