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What is Perfect Harmony?

Perfect Harmony is a music resource that helps care partners identify appropriate generational music and activities to engage older adults in a shared music experience.


Each month, Perfect Harmony releases video resources and music activities that are created with a cohesive theme in mind and are beneficial in both an individual and group setting. Additional offerings include our generational music playlists, which offer an accessible guide for exploring popular artists and songs that may resonate with a loved one or individual in your care.


Music is beneficial for everyone and these resources are perfectly viable for any generation to engage through music! Get creative and use Perfect Harmony with your family, in school or in your community by signing up for our monthly emails.



Special thanks:

We are proud to consult with board-certified music therapist, Allegra Hein (MT-BC), who provides expert guidance and feedback on our musical resources and records some of the accompaniment tracks that support our fabulous singers!


Additionally, we are grateful for our dedicated Perfect Harmony volunteer core. Our volunteers make everything we do possible.


Made Possible by:

Perfect Harmony is made possible in part by generous support from our partners, Senior Home Companions and Story Cottage.