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Introduction to Campaign Music
At the surface level, it might seem like music’s role in politics is just a convenient way to begin or end a political rally. However, history has shown us otherwise. Political songs have been used for hundreds of years to bolster the image of politicians running for office.
Viral Videos & Politics | Teaching Notes
Join a forum where you can share your lesson plans and access creative ways to engage your students through music.
Today's Song: "Someone Like You"
I’m going contemporary with my next all-time favorite selection. The song is “Someone Like You.” The artist is Adele. Perhaps no other singer/songwriter of this era has been able to capture and communicate the emotions associated with love and loss as Adele.
Patriotism & Politics | Teaching Notes
Join a forum where you can share your lesson plans and access creative ways to engage your students through music.
Top Ten Tips for a Successful Self-Tape
In today's world of virtual auditioning and performing, it's important to have the right tools for creating a professional self-tape. Check out these tips to make you shine!
Songbook Foundation Spotlights: Jan Reabe and Griffin Scott
The Great American Songbook Foundation is proud to offer internship positions for young professionals in school development programs. We partner with the IUPUI museum studies program and with high school students who  have interest in professional development.
Donor Spotlight: Peggy Ford
Peggy Ford is a Mentor Champion and Board Member who is passionate about the Songbook Academy, the Songbook Foundation’s summer music intensive for high school students, and offering financial support to students in need.
The Unsinkable Meredith Willson
An exhibit devoted to Meredith Willson’s (creator of The Music Man) long career in entertainment from its humble beginnings in Mason City, Iowa. This exhibit features materials from the Meredith Willson collection housed in the Songbook Foundation’s archives.
Politics on Stage - Teaching Notes
Welcome to Teaching Notes - a blog series written by a teacher to help other teachers #TeachtheSongbook. 
Of Thee I Sing: Politics on the American Musical Stage
We invite you to explore the story of politics on the American stage from Gershwin's 'Of Thee I Sing' to Lin Manuel-Miranda's 'Hamilton: An American Musical'.
Ella Sings the Songbook
Ella Sings the Songbook focuses on a celebrated series of eight albums recorded for Verve Records in the 1950s and '60s, when the respected jazz singer took a new and highly successful direction...
The Andrews Sisters: Queens of the Jukebox
The Andrews Sisters. The name conjures indelible images: soldiers listening to a jukebox in the canteen; packed theaters with rabid fans jitterbugging in the aisles; and a brass-voiced trio of lanky women in chiffon dresses and bouffant hairdos.