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The Far-Reaching Benefits of Singing Performance Coaching for Teens

January 22, 2024

The art of performing on stage as a singer transcends mere vocal expression; it's an embodiment of self-possession, presentation, and adaptability. Getting personalized singing performance coaching not only enhances your abilities as a singer, but also imparts valuable skills you can use in countless life situations, regardless of your career. Here are some things to know about the value of personalized coaching for singing performance, particularly for adolescents.


Developing Your Stage Skills: Learning How to Prepare for a Singing Performance


We all know there’s a big difference between singing in the shower or your car and doing so on stage in front of a sizeable audience. It’s one thing to fantasize about what your performance will look and feel like from the refuge of a private space, and another to have a tactical approach to making the dream a reality (or at least a success on a realistic level). 

In a public context, the success of your moment in the limelight hinges on far more than your ability to sing in tune, keep a beat, or remember lyrics. In fact, many of the subtler skills of singing on stage are the same as those that orators, musicians, actors, comedians, and dancers must learn in order to strike a powerful chord with their audience.


Here are some of the performance techniques you’ll need to develop if you want to become a successful performer — and the right coach can help you with all of them in a safe, supportive environment:


  • Overcoming performance anxiety. A common hurdle for many, performance anxiety can stifle a singer's potential. Personalized coaching addresses this and other aspects of performance psychology by creating a supportive environment where students can confront and manage their fears. Techniques like deep breathing, visualization, and positive self-talk are employed to instill confidence.

  • Shaping stage presence. The ability to captivate an audience is crucial. Coaches work on posture, facial expressions, and the art of connecting with the audience, transforming the singer from a performer into a storyteller.

  • Building microphone technique. Technical skills such as microphone handling significantly impact audio quality. Coaches teach how to modulate voice with respect to mic distance and angle, ensuring clarity and consistency in performance.

  • Learning how to move on stage. Movement on stage involves so much more than simply walking up to a microphone and singing. Vocal students who learn from performance coaches learn to use their body language and the space available to connect effectively with audiences.

  • Learning to recover and adapt. Whether it’s a malfunctioning piece of equipment or a stumble on a microphone cord, mishaps and mistakes are inevitable. As a singer, it’s important to be able to adapt to and recover from any situation without losing your composure. Otherwise, your talent risks taking a back seat in audience takeaways from your show.



Beyond the Stage: Learning Performance Skills for Life


Regardless of whether you embark on a career in the music industry or sing as a hobby, there’s no such thing as wasted performance coaching skills. Learning (and practicing) the art of stagecraft is a skill you can use in countless aspects of your life:


  • Giving presentations. The skills honed in singing classes translate extremely well into academic and professional settings. The confidence and clarity you gain can help you deliver killer presentations for school and work projects (especially if you plan to go into fields like communications, teaching, academia, or TV journalism).

  • Making the right impression in conversations. First impressions matter. The poise, self-assurance, and self-awareness you’ll develop through performance coaching can help you make a better impact during networking events, job interviews, work meetings, and your first dates with a potential partner — or even a marriage proposal.

  • Improving self-discipline and resilience. The preparation, practice, and mental fortitude that go into singing in front of an audience will serve you well in various areas of life, big and small. Goal setting, perseverance, and the ability to handle criticism are some of the psychological strengths enhanced through performance training.

Why Teens Stand to Benefit the Most From Performance Coaching


The adolescent years are a critical period for personal, academic, and social development. Learning how to carry themselves in front of others, whether they’re performing solo or in a group, empowers teens to:


  • Discover who they are and how to communicate in ways that get desired results


  • Boost their academic performance (through goal-setting, self-discipline, and using feedback constructively)


  • Strengthen their self-esteem and the coping skills they need for good mental health


  • Build interpersonal skills through listening comprehension, communication, and teamwork 


  • Cope with stress and pressure in healthy, practical ways


In addition, simply put, teens are an ideal age group to receive stage coaching because they have more performance-oriented applications ahead of them in life. Building strong stage skills can help them take their first key steps toward college, relationships, their career, and more — not with a fantasy, but with well-earned confidence and a plan.


Get Personalized Coaching and Performance Opportunities With the Songbook Academy Summer Music Program


The Great American Songbook Foundation works to preserve the music and continue the legacy of the Great American Songbook, which is not literally a book, but a term describing a collection of enduring and influential songs that resonate across generations and serve as the foundation of modern popular music. We offer programs that educate and engage music lovers everywhere as well as unique opportunities for rising singers and musicians.


One of these is our Songbook Academy summer music program, a transformative summer music intensive that immerses high school singers in America’s musical heritage and fosters artistic identity through song. It’s also a one-of-a-kind opportunity for young singers to get personalized performance coaching and opportunities to perform on a world-class stage.


At the Songbook Academy, we believe that every young singer has a unique story to tell through music. This eight-day experience is designed for high school students with a passion for singing who want to hone their vocal and performance skills with an emphasis on interpretation. Through access to top-tier mentors and a focus on the foundations of American popular music, we provide a safe space for young singers to explore musical styles, grow in their individual artistry, and take risks in a supportive pre-professional environment. 


This year’s Songbook Academy runs from July 13–20, 2024, and will take place at a world-class performance facility in Central Indiana. Click here for details on how to apply and join us for a life-changing experience!