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Donor Spotlight: Brian and Maggie Kelly

March 12, 2024

Meet Songbook Supporters, Brian and Maggie Kelly!


Brian's exposure to the music of the Songbook can be traced back to his father's time working at Columbia Records. Artists like Tony Bennett, Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis bring back special memories for him and they continue to play a role in his family’s life.


After supporting the first year of the Songbook Academy® with a sponsorship through Current Publishing, Brian and his wife Maggie have been proud supporters of the Foundation.


Since then, the Kelly family has become long-time donors and attend the Songbook Academy® shows as often as they are able. In fact, Brian has recently been elected to the Foundation’s Board of Directors and we are grateful for his leadership.


Continue reading below to learn more about Brian and Maggie's passion for the Songbook!




What inspires you to give to the Songbook Foundation? 

We want to help preserve this wonderful genre of music that has provided so much joy to so many people. If not for the Songbook Foundation, this music would be lost to history. 


How does your appreciation for Michael Feinstein as an artist connect with your passion for the Songbook Foundation?

Michael has rekindled our enthusiasm for this era of music and inspired us to get involved in the Songbook Foundation. His personal relationship with founders of this music brings a new perspective and appreciation of this era of musical wonder. And his storytelling is extraordinary. Michael is without a doubt one of the best entertainers out there and he’s helped introduce this music to a younger generation. 


You have generously increased your gift this year! What inspires this? 

Through the years we have seen how the Songbook Foundation has grown and the impact it has in keeping this music alive, especially with younger generations. To see the enthusiasm and energy of today’s youth while participating in the Songbook Academy® encourages us to do more to help. 


What Songbook Foundation experience or show has been your favorite thus far?

If we had to single out an experience it would have to be the annual Songbook Academy. To see America’s youth up there singing their hearts out in celebration of this great era of music is inspirational. We had the opportunity to attend the Masterclass session this year and it was incredible. To see the pros working directly with these young performers was quite an experience. We would be remiss to not include the induction of Barry Manilow in the Hall of Fame. Maggie is his #1 Fanilow and she got to meet him in person at the gala. 


You attended the Songbook Academy® this past year! How was your experience?

We had a great experience at the Songbook Academy. We were incredibly impressed by the quality of the students appearing on stage. To see a student as young as 15 years of age get up on the stage and belt out one of these great songs is something we’ll never forget. You can see the appreciation and enthusiasm in their manner and performance, and, of course, their eagerness to learn. 


We have to know, any Songbook favorite songs or artists? 

For me, it would have to be Frank Sinatra, Michael Feinstein and Johnny Mathis. Hard to pick any particular song but “Wonderful, Wonderful”, “That’s Life” and Michael Feinstein’s rendition of “The More I See You” come to mind. For Maggie, being the Fanilow that she is, loves all his music and can’t choose just one!


We appreciate supporters like Brian and Maggie, whose gift ensures the sustained impact of our efforts. With their help, and yours, we’re able to celebrate and preserve the timeless melodies that enrich our lives.


Join the Kelly family and become a donor by making a gift at


Thank you, Brian and Maggie!