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A Day in a Life at Songbook Academy!


Songbook Academy is an exciting week of learning and connecting with like-minded peers and lifelong mentors. The week is structured as a performance intensive, and we make use of every moment to offer students life-changing educational experiences and community-building opportunities through music.


“The week was very intense, but it was so worth it. From individual feedback to group rehearsals, I learned so much and will use the information I gained throughout all my musical endeavors.”

Sophia Parigi ('23), Gretna, Louisiana


What does a typical day look like?


Each summer’s program is uniquely crafted, making it a program to which alumni can return and experience something new. All students, however, can expect a rigorous but fulfilling schedule of rehearsals, workshops, coaching sessions, performances and social opportunities.


Sample Schedule:


7:30 AM – Bus to the Center for the Performing Arts Campus

8:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00 AM – Warm-up and Group Rehearsal: Rehearse the production numbers for Saturday’s concert!

10:00 AM – Team Time: Opportunity to meet with your vocal coach and music director for individual coaching on your showcase song in a small-group setting with the peers on your team.

11:15 AM – Pilates for Performers: Learn how to take care of yourself and warm up your body as a singer through movement techniques such as pilates.

12:30 PM – Lunch

1:45 PM – Masterclass with Emmy winner Liz Callaway

3:15 PM – Small Group Vocal Technique Session

4:30 PM – Private Team Workshop with Michael Feinstein (Songbook Foundation Founder)

5:45 PM – Dinner

7:00 PM – Team Medley Rehearsal

8:15 PM – Bus to Butler dorms

8:45 PM – Free/social time at dorms

11:00 PM – Lights out!


Throughout the Week:


Students have daily “Team Time” for intimate, personalized coaching on their showcase song and performance skills.



Team Medley and group rehearsals take place daily in preparation for the performance events. This also includes staging rehearsals for the medley.



  • Students sing and receive feedback from guest mentors. Though not everyone will perform in every class, there will be an equal opportunity to work throughout the week. ALL students attend and participate in all talkbacks, masterclasses or workshops offered by guest mentors.

  • Specialty classes and industry workshops led by faculty take place throughout the week and can range from music business issues to learning a dance combination from a Broadway show.

  • Students get the chance to tour the Songbook Library & Archives (housing artifacts that belonged to artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli) and the Songbook Exhibit Gallery, featuring the piano that “Over the Rainbow” was written on!

  • Students get the chance to hear their mentors and faculty perform during Mentor Performance Night, which is always considered the best of the week!

  • Meals and downtime at the dorms provide opportunities for students to relax and socialize with their peers.

  • Every student gets the opportunity to sound check individually on the Palladium stage and participate in tech rehearsals for the performances!



Review our FAQs for more information about program logistics, housing and other topics, or email our staff at


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