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Fees & Scholarships


The Songbook Academy® is more than just a summer music program. It's the next step in your journey as an artist, a place to discover your unique path in the world of music. For that reason, we believe that talent knows no financial boundaries and every aspiring young singer should be able to pursue opportunities to develop their musical foundation.


Program Fees


At the Songbook Academy, we are committed to providing an affordable experience to all students. For this year’s application cycle, we have significantly lowered the application fee and are proud to continue offering a program fee that is consistently 30-40% lower than that of our peers.


  • 2024 Application fee: $50
  • 2024 Program fee: $1,000*


*The program fee covers tuition, housing at Butler University, transportation, and meal costs for the eight-day program. It does not include individual travel expenses to and from Carmel, Indiana.


The actual cost of the program per student is more than three times the program fee. We are grateful to our generous supporters and sponsors for helping us to reduce financial barriers for students.


“This program is worth every penny!”

– Casey Reynolds, 2023 parent, Lebanon, Indiana


Need-Based Financial Aid & Scholarships


Eligibility: All students who apply and/or participate in the Songbook Academy are welcome to request need-based financial aid in the form of an application fee waiver and/or a full program scholarship.


Documentation: We offer financial assistance to applicants who provide one of the following forms of documentation.


  • College Board SAT or ACT fee waiver documentation. For more information on the College Board fee waiver process, please visit their website.
  • Federal Free or Reduced-Price Lunch program (FRPL) documentation
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) documentation

If you cannot provide one of the requested forms of documentation, we will still consider your request. Our goal is to help as many students as possible. However, we cannot guarantee approving all requests.


  • Please submit a written email request from a parent, teacher, or school counselor describing your financial situation and need for assistance. Our committee will review your request and determine if we can offer need-based aid.


How to request aid:

  1. Send the requested documentation via email to before submitting your application. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to any fee waiver inquiries.
  2. If approved for an application fee waiver, a staff member will provide a code that can be used in the payment section of the initial application via GetAcceptd to bypass payment.
  3. If students have submitted a financial aid request for consideration with their initial application and are eligible to receive a full program scholarship, award details will be shared in the acceptance notification sent to students on or before April 17, 2024.