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Achieve your philanthropic goals while avoiding capital gains


Giving gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and IRA required minimum distributions has the potential to substantially reduce your income taxes while providing tremendous philanthropic support.


Simply contact your broker with the account numbers below.  We'll take care of the details for you.    


Instructions for Transfers of Securities:

First Clearing DTC 0141

The Center for the Performing Arts

Account #1344-9432


Please note: Stock gifts made to the Great American Songbook Foundation must be processed via the account titled "The Center for the Performing Arts".  Despite the account title, your gift will support the Foundation.  Please feel free to contact our Development office to confirm upon transfer.    


Please contact: Jo Garcia, Assistant Director of Individual Development, at 317.844.9454 or for more information, or to notify the Foundation of a gift transfer.


*This material is for information purposes and not tax or accounting advice. Please consult your tax advisor.