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Congratulations to our Songbook Seniors!

May 8, 2020

Graduates of the 2020 class deserve a little extra praise for their accomplishments. The Songbook Academy graduates of 2020 are no exception! We are proud of each student graduating this year and have created a spotlight for these deserving alums on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Meet the Songbook Academy Class of 2020



Lily Bogas, Songbook Academy 2019 

Watch Lily perform during the 2019 Songbook Academy!


HOMETOWN: Mill Valley, California

HIGH SCHOOL: Tamalpais High School

BEST HS MEMORY: Finding out in math class (my least favorite class) that I got into songbook!

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: I am ecstatic to be attending the Eastman School of Music as a Vocal Performance major with a minor in theater and dance. I hope to use my art to advocate for things that I am passionate about, specifically climate change and racial equity.

QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS: I've been (attempting) to write some music for my first opera, learning new jazz tunes, having solo dance parties, listening to good music, and watching some tv. I am loving Little Fires Everywhere, you can watch it on Hulu, and am listening to Chet Baker on the daily!


Luke Dailey, Songbook Academy 2019 

Watch Luke perform during the 2019 Songbook Academy!


HOMETOWN: Lexington, KY

HIGH SCHOOL: Lafayette High School

BEST HS MEMORY: There are so many, it’s impossible to single out one as the best. Many of my favorite memories have nothing particularly unique about them, but I was having fun and living in the present which is something I am trying to learn to do throughout this quarantine.

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: I will be attending Vanderbilt University in the fall (hopefully not online) double majoring in vocal performance and something else!

QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS: PSYCH. One of the best television shows ever to be made. It deserves to be watched by all. I’ve also been expanding my musical horizons, listening to new artists from Van Morrison to Huun-Huur-Tu. Just do whatever makes you happy!


Hayden Elefante, Songbook Academy 2017

Video coming soon!


HOMETOWN: Zionsville, Indiana

HIGH SCHOOL: Zionsville Community High School

BEST HS MEMORY: My favorite high school memory has to be the Royalaires’ finals performance at Nashville’s Heart of America (HOA) competition. The whole ensemble performed a perfect run through and I have never felt so proud walking off a stage than I did that night. It was truly special to share that moment with my family and my closest friends.

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: I will be attending The Department of Theatre and Dance at Ball State University in the fall to earn a BFA in Musical Theatre. After college, I hope to make it somewhere on Broadway while also starring in a few motion pictures. Something like Hugh Jackman’s career, that’s be awesome!!

QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS: I have been binge watching Star Wars TV shows like The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars on Disney+, and I have been trying to learn the guitar as well.


Abby Marotta, Songbook Academy 2018 

Watch Abby perform during the 2018 Songbook Academy!


HOMETOWN: Orlando, Florida

HIGH SCHOOL: West Orange High School

BEST HS MEMORY: There are so many! My week with Songbook was definitely one of them. Being able to learn so much about my voice and then using it in future performances was really exciting for me! I still look at my notes from the master classes whenever I need help! It was an amazing learning experience and just so much fun.

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: I will be attending the Florida State University College of Music and majoring in music therapy!

QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS: I’ve mostly been learning new music on the piano and guitar, watching Disney movies, playing with my dog, swimming, and spending time with my family!


Grace Mozitis, Songbook Academy 2018 and 2019

Watch Grace perform during the 2019 Songbook Academy!


HOMETOWN: Linwood, New Jersey

HIGH SCHOOL: Mainland Regional High School

BEST HS MEMORY: My best high school memory was getting cast as Donna in Mamma Mia this year even though it didn’t happen. It taught me an important lesson to not always search for the finish line but to enjoy the journey.

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: I will be attending Western Connecticut State University and pursuing my dreams in musical theater. I hope to touch peoples lives with my passion, and to inspire others just like Songbook did for me.

QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS: baking, baking, and baking. I have been trying so many Pinterest recipes to keep me busy. In addition, I have been watching old fashioned movies like Breakfast At Tiffanys.



Chris Santiago, Songbook Academy 2019 

Watch Chris perform during the 2019 Songbook Academy!


HOMETOWN: Palm Beach, FL

HIGH SCHOOL: The King's Academy

BEST HS MEMORY: too many to count but if it weren’t for my friends then none of them would matter. Also songbook was the best week of my life. There is no other experience like it, it’s unforgettable, and impacted me greater than you all know.

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: I’m attending college (can’t say yet) as a jazz voice major and i’ll be playing trumpet as well!

QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS: I’ve been listening to music A LOT and i’d have to say go listen to chet baker because he’s the best, jacob collier because he’s also the best, and anything that inspires you!! it’s easy to get lazy with music i know from experience but if there’s that artist that lights your fire over and over again then go listen to them because you won’t regret it!


Lili Shires, Songbook Academy 2018 and 2019 

Watch Lili perform during the 2019 Songbook Academy!


HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, OH

HIGH SCHOOL: School for Creative and Performing Arts

BEST HS MEMORY: My best memory was being able to create many amazing friendships, on and off the stage, with many talented performers over the years. I’m so grateful to have had so many incredible opportunities, and to continue my path as an artist for the next 4 years!

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: I will be attending the New England Conservatory for Jazz Voice, and I hope to keep singing and sharing my passion for music with the world.

QUARATINE RECOMMENDATIONS: I’m a big crime show girl, so the classics, like Twin Peaks, Criminal Minds and so many good documentaries will keep you entertained for months. I’ve been writing lots of music, planning some collaborations woth some songbook friends, (stay tuned!) and painting and listening to good music.


Lily Bogas, Songbook Academy 2019 

Video coming soon!


HOMETOWN: Greenwood, Indiana

COLLEGE: Indiana University

BEST COLLEGE MEMORY: There are way too many amazing memories to pick just one as my favorite! One memory that stand out as one I will cherish forever, though, is the final rehearsal for IU’s 2020 spring musical, Crazy for You. We knew there was a big possibility we would never get to perform this show for an audience, so we learned the entire second act the day before just so we could perform the whole show on the stage the last night. To be able to perform on the stage that had been home to me for the past four years one last time was something that meant so much to me. We recorded the performance for our families, and afterwards stood on that same stage and said our goodbyes. It is a moment I will not soon forget.

FUTURE PLANS OR ASPIRATIONS: After graduating with my BFA in musical theatre, as well as my minor in arts management, I plan to move to New York City! I want to keep auditioning for and performing in shows and my ultimate goal is to become a performer on Broadway!

QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS: This is the time to go outside of your comfort zone! Try something you’ve never tried before or improve a skill you’ve wanted to improve but haven’t had time to! There are so many classes online for free on so many different subjects that could help you reach your goals! For me, quarantine has included finishing up my professional website, doing lots of video submissions, and taking lots of online dance classes! Oh, and don’t forget watching all of the Marvel movies in order!