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Songbook Academy Awareness Day

February 7, 2020

Welcome to Songbook Academy Awareness Day – an initiative that challenges our hundreds of alumni, families, guest mentors, community partners and YOU to spread the word about this life-changing summer music intensive for aspiring young singers.  From posting on social media to stylin' with their Songbook Academy t-shirts, our students participate from coast to coast.
Mark your calendars for January 26, 2021 for our next Songbook Academy Awareness Day celebration. 
Interested in applying to our 2021 program? Click here. 
Here are just a few of our favorite photos from the 2020 Songbook Academy Awareness Day:

"It's #SongbookAcademyAwarenessDay! Last summer Sierra had the most amazing experience at Songbook Academy. Each student is paired with a vocal coach and a music director. Sierra got to work with the incredible vocal coach, Elaine Moebius, and her music director was Russ Kassoff (who has played for Frank Sinatra and so many others). She had one-on-one training with Michael Feinstein and Laura Osnes and other pros in the field. And she got to meet kids from all over the country. She improved so much in so many ways in a short period of time. Applications are open for this summer's program. Cannot recommend enough. Check it out at"- Suzanne Safran (parent of 2019 alum).


"A snapshot of my team from the 2019 Songbook Academy! Beckie Menzie and I spent 8 days working with this amazing group of performers on polishing their presentation of songs from the Great American Songbook. It’s an experience like no other as the focus is on helping young artists dive deep into these songs and bring out their own unique style. I’m honored to be a part of the Songbook Academy family and enthusiastically encourage young singers to consider applying for the 2020 program."- Daniel Narducci (2019 Vocal Coach)
"It’s Songbook Academy Awareness Day! Very thankful for the experience Sophie Miller had as a participant and intern the past two summers. Amazing people/mentors/professionals/friends. I encourage high school singers to take a dive into the Great American Songbook and apply for the summer intensive! #songbookacademyawarenessday"- Lisa Miller (parent of 2018 alum).
"Happy Songbook Academy Awareness Day! If you are a high school singer: APPLY! It changed my life.  And because of it…I have the opportunity to perform alongside the talented Michael Feinstein [at Carnegie Hall] in March!"
- Natalie Leclair (2019 alum)
"I had the great privilege last summer to join the team of mentors for this terrific organization. A group of extremely talented high school singers are chosen each year and coached and instructed by some of the very best - Michael Feinstein, Sylvia McNair, Melissa Manchester just to name three. It was a highlight for me to be part of this last year. If you are, or know of, a talented high school performer who loves to sing standards, pop, or jazz, I cannot recommend The Songbook Academy highly enough. It’s inspiring, it’s so helpful for a performer, and it’s also lotsa fun! Check it out..."
- Jeff Harris (2019 Music Director)
"It’s all thanks to the Songbook Academy that I got to meet Jane Monheit when I was a wee lad.  And she is so cool that she’s been a mentor to me ever since."  #SongbookAcademyAwarenessDay
- Melinda Rodriguez (2013 alum)

"So very thankful for this incredible organization that works to preserve the Great American Songbook and keep it alive in our youth! I highly recommend every high school age vocalist to apply for this opportunity. I felt complete confidence sending Cassidy Ewert last summer, the communication from the organization from my perspective as a parent was stellar and the growth that Cassidy achieved in that 8 days was priceless! Plus, all of the students are able to work directly with the incredible, Michael Feinstein who treated every participant with respect and kindness while giving genuine feedback! And Cassidy was blessed to have the most wonderful and accomplished vocal coach, Elaine Moebius, and work with the incredible Russ Kassoff who has played for all the greats of our time- what an opportunity! They both greatly challenged her to reach higher and shared their wealth of experience freely with her! Thank you, Songbook Academy, for all you are doing for our youth and we cannot wait to see the young people who are touched by this program in this upcoming year. #SongbookAwarenessDay #SingtheSongbook"

- Tammy Ewert (parent of 2019 alum)



"Being part of @songbookacademy, not once, but twice, was life changing!  Everyone there was so welcoming and they continue to be supportive of me even to this day!  I'm so happy to share #SongbookAcademyAwarenessDay with everyone!  And if you haven't heard of the Songbook Foundation, you should definitely check them out and all the great work they do!  #throwback #songbookacademy #songbookacademy2016 #songbookacademy2015 #songbookfoundation #greatamericansongbook #music #singing #goldenage #jazz #song"

- Elizabeth Ross (2015 and 2016 alum)



"Singing changes your soul and lets your light shine! Join us this summer."

- Sylvia McNair (GRAMMY Award-winning Guest Mentor)



If you want an amazing and life-changing summer, this is Songbook Academy! I will carry this experience and music with me for a lifetime, not to mention the incredible legendary musicians, mentors and performers I’ve met and continue to meet & perform with!
#songbookFamily #Songbookacademyawarenessday

- Kai Alivia Koren (2018 alum)


"The Songbook Academy is an amazing week that will change your approach to preparing and performing a song allowing you to be more engaged with your audience. I guarantee you will be a better performer and have a greater appreciation for music by weeks' end. Here's a video of my favorite Songbook Alum telling you about her experience and why you should apply to the Songbook Academy.  Applications are currently being accepted.
This is an amazing opportunity for high school singers! Don’t miss out!!"

- Suellen Swaney (parent of 2016 alum)



"My favorite gig of the year for the past few years has been mentoring the most talented high school performers in the country at the American Songbook Academy in Carmel, Indiana. Today is Songbook Academy Awareness Day! Have a ball checking out the Academy created by Michael Feinstein - watch a few videos. These are all our future stars. We also have an incredible staff of music directors, vocal teachers and coaches and mentors and always very special guests to give Master Classes!!! Check it all out - if you know any talented high school kids in your various worlds - send in an application!!!!"

- Russ Kassoff (2019 Music Director)



"Here’s to a program that has truly changed my life forever! My happy place, Songbook Academy.  Apply for this amazing program today, 100% recommend."

- Griffin Scott (2018 and 2019 alum)


"The one Songbook Academy moment that I'll never forget was working with Nat Zegree as a group, learning that all music is connected.  He showed us how deeply ingrained music is in all of us, how even 2 notes can make you feel something."

- Shawn Naumann (2018 alum)


"It’s Songbook Academy Awareness Day!! Hayden loved his experience at Songbook and is hoping to repeat the experience again this summer! High School students who love Broadway music, jazz, and popular music, Apply to this Summer’s Songbook Academy By March 15!"

- Courtney Elefante (parent of 2017 alum)



"Today is #SongbookAcademyAwarenessDay!! I could not be more grateful for my time this past summer at the Songbook Academy.  It was such an amazing week and I will never forget how much fun I had making friends and working with the incredible faculty.  The things I learned at Songbook are things that I continue to carry with me and apply to my everyday life.  I am so proud to be an alum!  If you're in high school and interested in singing and performing some of the greatest music ever written, apply for the Songbook Academy! You'll be glad you did!"

- Samantha Shelton (2019 alum)



"#SongbookDay!! So grateful for how this music and this program has continued to impact my life even years later."

- Lucy Breedlove (2017 and 2018 alum)


"ATTENTION!! It’s Songbook Academy Awareness day! This program taught me so much and truly opened my eyes to the wonderful music of the Great American Songbook. I met people who shared a similar passion for singing and music that inspired me to only want to get better. Having the opportunity to attend twice (2017, 2019) was life changing, and both weeks I attended were experiences I will forever be grateful for! Here is some information ( on the program/how to apply (high schoolers!!) 💙 Songbook Academy."

- Cynthia Kauffman (2017 and 2019 alum)


"This is a great program, and run by breathtakingly committed and talented people who are teachers at heart.  The very best."

- Paul Leclair (parent of 2019 alum)


"The best 8 days I ever had.  Apply for Songbook Academy 2020 NOW!"

- Bobby Barksdale (2019 alum)


"It’s Songbook Academy Awareness Day! Can’t say enough about how wonderful this experience was for our daughter! 💗🎶"

- Kimberley Greene (parent of 2019 alum)


"Happy #SongbookAcademyAwarenessDay! 💙 I am so proud to celebrate this incredible program that offers aspiring high school singers the opportunity to work and perform with GRAMMY and Tony Award-winning mentors for one AMAZING week each summer. Being a mentor at the Songbook Academy is one of the best things that I do, and I hope you will help me spread the word about this year's program by sharing with the young singers in your life. 🎶 Application deadline is March 15, 2020. Visit to apply!"

- Michael Feinstein (Mentor and Founder of the Great American Songbook Foundation)


"What better way to celebrate #songbookacademyawarenessday than to see the man himself perform!"

- Sierra Safran and Suzanne Safran (2019 alum and parent)


"5 years ago I had the incredible experience of being a part of The Songbook Academy.  I will always remember that fantastic opportunity!"

- Katriona Kennedy (2015 alum)


"So… it’s Songbook Academy day… I can’t even begin to explain how amazing that week was.  I met the sweetest and most talented people and had the opportunity to collaborate in such a welcoming environment.  To all of my high school friends, go and apply.  It will change your life!"
- Adriana Scalice (2017 alum) 
Did you know it's Songbook Academy Awareness Day?  Well you should go apply right now.  Learn from amazing musicians, sing your favorite songs and make the best friends forever!!!!  The best week of the summer 100%"
- Lili Shires (2018 and 2019 alum)

"It’s Songbook Academy day!  If you’re in high school, APPLY!!  This was the best week of my life and I would give anything to go back for the week.  You will NOT regret it.  It’s amazing! You make lifelong friendships as well.  I still talk to my friends every day."

- Chris Santiago (2019 alum)


"Happy #songbookacademyawarenessday!! As some of you may know I had the privilege to be a part of the Songbook Academy this past summer.  This week was more than a competition for me; it changed me not only as a performer but who I am as a person.  The relationships I formed along the way are priceless.  To be in a room filled with peers and mentors who truly believed in me more than I believed in myself was indescribable.  The songbook era is one that has and will continue to transcend through time and touch the hearts of many.  Please learn more about this amazing organization and do yourself a favor and apply for songbook 2020!! #singthesongbook"

- Cassidy Ewert (2019 alum)


"I am so so lucky to be affiliated with this amazing program! I plan my summer around this week - it is a transformative experience for the students involved. If you know of a high school student who LOVES to sing and wants to learn about solo performance and style of the Great American Songbook - please point them here!!! #songbookacademyawarenessday 
Apply here -"

- Lynne Rothrock (2019 Vocal Coach)


"Do you know a fabulous high school singer? This week is transformative and one of my favorite weeks of the year. One of the students just sang two nights ago at Carnegie Hall."

- Beckie Menzie (2019 Music Director)


"Today is Songbook Academy Awareness Day.  This program CHANGED MY LIFE and gave me INCREDIBLE mentors and opportunities, not to mention the BEST FRIENDS EVER.  High school singers APPLY!"

- Sadie Fridley (2019 Songbook Youth Ambassador)


"Happy Songbook Academy day!  So grateful for one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.  If you are a high school student, APPLY!"

- Johnny Rabe (2018 alum)


Check back later for more - and please join the celebration by tagging us @songbookacademy or using the hashtag #SongbookAcademyAwarenessDay!