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Songbook Academy Awareness Day 2021

January 26, 2021



The Songbook Academy is so dang special and I can't champion it enough. When I was in high school, I became a Youth Ambassador of the Great American Songbook following a week-long intensive at the Songbook Academy and my little country bumpkin butt began singing at iconic venues such as Carnegie Hall, Birdland, and Lincoln Center. I learned invaluable lessons about interpreting lyrics, the history of American popular music, and LIFE under the mentorship of Michael Feinstein and The Songbook Academy. If you're a high school student who loves this music, I encourage you to apply.

Maddie Baillio (2014 Songbook Youth Ambassador)


Marissa Tappy with friends at the Songbook Academy.


It’s Songbook Academy Awareness Day! I cannot tell you all how much this program has changed my life as a musician and just has an entertainer entirely! I could go on for day about how incredible this week long intensive is. But I’ll just say this: If you’re a high school student with a passion for performing and perfecting your craft you should absolutely consider spending a summer with the Songbook Academy! 

Marissa Tappy (2018)



Today we celebrate YOU Songbook Academy! Love you forever and ever!

Grace Mozitis (2018-2020)


Songbook Academy mentor champion, Peggy Ford, and Michael Feinstein


I am proud to be a supporter of this wonderful program for talented high school students. My Facebook friends – if you know of a high school student with vocal talent, please encourage them to apply.

Peggy Ford (Songbook Academy Mentor Champion)



I participated in 2013 and the experience CHANGED MY LIFE!

Maya Jacobson (2013)


Eve Begelman performing during the 2020 Songbook Academy Online.


Happy Songbook Academy Awareness Day! Truly the best week of my life. I am so thankful for this program. I’ve never felt so at home anywhere else.

Eve Begelman (2020)



You’ll have the time of your life and you never know where you might end up singing! Become part of the big happy musical family!

Lily Rasmussen (2018 Songbook Youth Ambassador)


Amanda Swickle performing for the 2020 Songbook Academy online.


Not only did Songbook teach me so many amazing things and make me a better singer and performer, but I made some amazing new friends that I still talk to today!

Amanda Swickle (2020)


I am such a fan of this program. I happen to be on the staff as a musical director and it is something I look so forward to in summer. Check it out, talented high school singers!

Jeff Harris (Music Director)


Corinne Ferrer performing on the Palladium stage in Carmel, Indiana.


So grateful for Songbook Academy!! I learned more than I ever could’ve imagined that week, and found a new passion. Love my Songbook fam and their endless support!!

Corinne Ferrer (2019)


Samantha Shelton performing on the Palladium stage in Carmel, Indiana.


Happy songbook academy day!!! I love my songbook family so much. So grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had through songbook, how much i’ve grown, and all of the friends i’ve made!! I really encourage you to apply for songbook if you’re interested  in music/performing in any way!!

Samantha Grace Shelton (2019, 2020)



Hey cool cats, apply to Songbook Academy. It will be the best week of your ENTIRE life. Songbook Academy is actually amazing. 

Chris Santiago (2019)



Happy Songbook Academy day!! countless times a week i wake up with a song stuck in my head by one of the incredible people i was lucky enough to meet at the Songbook Academy. i couldn't miss it more. i will always be grateful for the infinite knowledge and inspiration i've gained from my songbook family over the years!

Amia Shavaun (2018, 2019)


I'm so lucky to have been able to be in an environment like this one, were i could grow and learn and meet some of my best friends. there aren't enough words to describe how much i love this place.

Ava Nicole Frances (2020)



The AMAZING songbook academy has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to experience a week I will never forget. A week of working with my mentors, getting to know my songbook mates, and growing to love the Great American Songbook.

Quiana Morris (2020)



Dear Songbook Academy, thanks for the best week of my life, friends that will last a lifetime and life changing opportunities. If you know someone who's still in high school and loves to sing, tell them to apply to Songbook! It was one of the best decisions of my life!

Gabe Schonman (2018)


Posting a part of my daily practice in honor of Songbook Awareness Day! I am so proud and honored to be able to call myself a Songbook Academy alum and will treasure the week I spent there for the rest of my life. If you are or know of a high school student who loves to sing from the Great American Songbook apply now while you still can!

Noah Mond (2019)


Songbook Academy gave me some of the BEST friends ever and I'm FOREVER thankful. It was one of the BEST weeks of my LIFE. So if you are thinking about applying. DO IT. It's Incredible. All my love for the Songbook Academy.

Trevor Van Eaton (2019)



I love seeing all of the pictures of Academies past. Thank you so much for including me!

Libby Brown (Songbook Academy Chaperone and Songbook Foundation Board Member)


To the program that has taught me so much... where I grew as a performer... and found my love for the Great American Songbook... THANK YOU! If you're in high school and enjoy singing then don't hesitate... APPLY FOR THE SONGBOOK ACADEMY!

Cynthia Kauffman (2017 and 2020)


The Songbook Academy changed my perspective as a performer and I continue to look back on everything I learned to this day. And not to mention the lifelong friends I met along the way. PLEASE APPLY.

Cassidy Ewert (2019)


Even virtually, I learned more than I could ever imagine. 

Mahesh Gupta (2020)


Thank you Songbook Academy for giving me such wonderful guidance and new best friends. Please ask me any questions you have about this AMAZING program! 

Emily Chrzanowski (2020)


Songbook Academy has been such a spectacular experience and I have learned so much and made so many friends from this wonderful program. If anyone is thinking of applying this year, applications are open! It is an awesome way to share your love for Songbook music with other students, and the people you meet are lifelong friends.

Jack Ducat (2019) 

The Songbook Academy was an unforgettable experience that gave me lifelong friends and is still giving me so many opportunities to this day! If you are considering applying, do it!! You have nothing to lose, but OHHHH SO MUCH to gain if you apply!

Olivia Broadwater (2018)