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"Songs make history and history makes songs."

America has a rich tradition of creating music—classical, folk, popular, jazz, rock. The Great American Songbook consists of enduring standards, the songs that are played and sung over and over by multiple generations. These songs have a timeless meaning and resonance, whether they are days or decades old.


Founded by five-time GRAMMY® Award nominee Michael Feinstein and headquartered in Carmel, IN, the Great American Songbook Foundation advances the rich musical legacy of the American Songbook by curating a vast Library & Archives to preserve its physical and cultural history and by offering immersive programming to inspire and educate all ages through music.



What is the Great American Songbook?

An enduring canon of the most important and influential American popular songs and jazz standards that began in the early 20th century and continues to be written today. Learn more and experience the Songbook with our founder, Michael Feinstein.




Tickets for public performances and livestreams on sale now
April 11 event will include talk with Iowa PBS filmmaker who researched his Meredith Willson project in the Foundation’s archives
Business and civic leaders tapped to guide organization

Upcoming Events

Michael Feinstein coaches a young student smiling at a microphone, a young Black student sings passionately into a microphone, several students stand on stage at the annual Songbook Academy in formal attire.


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The Songbook Academy Events Now On Sale July 19, 20 & 22   

New Release: A Conversation featuring Michael Feinstein and a Music Therapist! Explore the Power of Music @songbookfoundation


About: With a mission to inspire and educate by celebrating the music that many have now coined the “Great American Songbook”, The Great American Songbook Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is unique in its focus and ambitious in its efforts to become the authority in regards to the history, culture and continuing artistic legacy of America’s original popular song. Learn more.


Visit the Songbook Foundation:
1 Carter Green
Carmel, IN 46032