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“My experience at Songbook was truly a highlight in my career as a singer.  In one week I had discovered what I was going to do for the rest of my life.  I could not say one bad thing about this program!”  

Adriana Scalice, ‘17


"I am not from a huge choir program and big high school. It doesn’t matter where you are from and it doesn’t matter your background or what kind of music you started out singing. I auditioned but didn’t make it for two years, and just worked harder and finally it paid off."

Lucas, 2015 Songbook Youth Ambassador


“All of the invaluable knowledge I took away from that week from song interpretation and musical performance will stay with me forever. There isn't a song I perform that doesn't incorporate all that I learned.” 

Jillian, ‘13


“This week was one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had.  I grew so much both as a person and a performer, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.”  

Emily Estep, ‘17


“…too much to put into words.  A greater love for what I do.  A greater confidence in myself.  I just love it at the Songbook Academy so much.  It's my favorite week of the year at my favorite place in the world.”

Cole Winston, ’15-’17


“I gained more than I can even describe.  The Songbook Academy has helped me realize my fullest potential and worth and for that I will be forever grateful!”  

Audrey Trullinger, ‘17


 “This was one of, if not the greatest experience I have had… [the mentors at the Songbook Academy] taught me how to be myself, and now that I know how to give myself to an audience, I can't see how I could have performed any other way.”

Matthew Fedorek, ‘17


“My week at the Songbook Academy taught me priceless lessons both about music and about myself. I learned that all music is unique and that its meaning will show itself if you work on communicating the truth in the song. I learned that music is not about the actions you take during a song, but rather how you feel about those actions. I learned that I can always keep learning; even when I feel I have reached full understanding of a piece of music or even attained mastery in a skill, there is always more I can learn and work on.”

Yarden Borshevsky-Barr, ‘17


“My confidence as a performer of any sort has majorly increased and in just one short week, my performance technique has forever been changed.  My experience was more than fantastic and I think anyone who goes would agree!”

Sara Lewandowski, ‘17

"We really are all winners, because this experience is just top notch!"

Maya, ‘13




“He still uses Moon River in many auditions! It sets him apart from others using contemporary songs. The pointers he received in the academy serve him today!”

Lee, parent of ’09-’10 finalist currently making his Broadway debut


"Thank you for this program. After attending the Songbook Academy this year, our daughter is so inspired and excited to sing these songs so they “live forever” (her words). I just caught her humming 'Night and Day'. Mission accomplished!"

Crystal, parent of 2015 finalist


“She is now a junior in college as a vocal performance major, and these experiences through the Songbook Academy were just formative.  She has carried on these things that she learned here, through really everything she’s done in music, theatre and performance – it’s been amazing to watch.  She’s on a great path, and some of that started right here.”

Steven, parent of ’12-’13 finalist


As a parent, when you watch your child do something that she loves to do you hope that everything will go well – and it did.  And I don’t mean in terms of her success or her performing, but every part of this process for her and for us was professional, organized, and kind.  It was just a terrific experience all around.  So I would say, absolutely, without question – send your child.”

Parent of ’12-’13 finalist

"The experience was above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. What we appreciated most was that it did not feel like a competition, but rather a spectacular showcase. What a wonderful learning tool and gift to all the students who participated. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity."

Matt, parent of 2014 finalist

"Our daughter found the workshops to be without any parallel- just incredible. Also, the experience of being with other singers her age who love this music was terrific. This is a rare event, as she is usually explaining to her friends who the composers, lyricists, singers are that she adores. What a blessing for all these kids!"

Cheryl, parent of 2012 finalist




"I am so excited to work with young singers who are falling in love with this repertoire. It lights my fire to know that there are high schoolers who want to learn how to do these things better."

Sylvia McNair


“I am blown away by the passion and dedication of these young people. I am honored to work with them.”

Jane Monheit


"What an honor to work alongside Michael Feinstein with his budding Songbook Academy stars!"

Laura Osnes


“It is extraordinary what the Songbook Academy is doing by celebrating the Songbook with these young people.”

Jim Caruso


“Through these passionate young people, this incredible music will live on and on.”

Sandi Patty