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Songbook Academy Online Testimonials

2020 Students


Last year's online program was a huge success! If you don't believe us, just ask our 2020 alums...


“I cannot believe how much I learned during Songbook Academy week, and it was only 1 week AND through a virtual platform! I could not have asked for a more useful and amazing experience during this difficult time and it was truly the highlight of my summer. I feel like I have learned more from that week than any other singing program I have done in the past and I would 100% recommend it to all of my music friends.”

Ellie Lauter (Larkspur, CA)


“I came in not knowing exactly what to expect and I left with so many new friends, so much more knowledge, and an incredible support system. I gained another family.” - Ava Nicole Frances (San Francisco, CA)


"This academy changed my life. I am the woman and performer I am today because of it. There are not enough words on earth to describe how thankful I am. Thank you for creating a home for young artists to blossom. The academy will forever be a home to me, and the people will forever by my second family. Love the Songbook Academy today, tomorrow, and forever.” - Grace Mozitis (Linwood, NJ)


“Songbook was the highlight of my summer. It excited me to continue pursuing my passions, during a time when it has been difficult to find motivation.” - Oliviana Marie (Los Angeles, CA)


“I did not feel limited at all by the virtual format! I had so much fun despite being online instead of in-person during the week.” - Mahesh Gupta (Zionsville, IN)


"The things I learned this year are so much different and just as important as what I learned last year… Every time I perform, I think of the things I learned here [at the Songbook Academy]." - Grace Elliott (Pittsburgh, PA)


“At the beginning of this week, I was nervous because I usually struggle with being around people I don’t know. Something that I really took away was that you can sing pretty, you can smile for a performance, but if you don’t have confidence, your performance doesn’t mean anything. My team really gave me the confidence that I needed to put myself out there. I feel like that really caused me to excel and have confidence now.” - Jonathan Grimes (Indianapolis, IN)


2020 Parents


“I would always prefer an in-person lesson/experience. However, during this time where we are all adjusting to online learning, I feel Songbook did an excellent job. Lauren gained so much from the program and it was the highlight of her year. We would still choose to do the program online again if that is the only option offered.” - Lisa Herbert-Effertz (parent)


“We make cautious financial decisions with regards to music/development and are very careful about those decisions. Songbook exceeded our expectations in each of the above categories. My daughter connected socially and made many friends during the week (something I thought would be extremely difficult in an online setting). The application feedback was very detailed and worth the experience even if she would not have been accepted. The mentors/guests were amazing!” - Victor Whatley (parent)


“This was the highlight of Eve's summer and although she was unable to attend in person, she drew inspiration from the instructors, the music revitalized her energy to sing throughout the pandemic, and she made friends who are supportive of each other.” - Larisa Gelman (parent)


“Olivia gained friends, mentors and cheerleaders during the process, while also becoming a cheerleader for others involved. The interaction between team members was a huge positive as they have become friends and continue to communicate. The professionalism via planning and execution of this event went flawlessly from our vantage point. We THANK YOU!” - Michael Scott (parent)


“It also strengthened her online communication skills and video performing chops since that’s the way things will be done in the foreseeable future!" - Evelyn Halus (parent)


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