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Schedule as of 06-30-21

Core classes and Songbook Academy activities will take place every day from 11am to 3pm EDT. Optional social electives will take place from 4pm to 6pm EDT throughout the week.


Schedule Blocks by Time Zone:

  • 11am - 3pm EST (Core Classes), 4-6pm ET (Social Hour, Individual Sessions and Special Events)
  • 10am - 2pm CST (Core Classes), 3-5pm CT (Social Hour, Individual Sessions and Special Events)
  • 8am - 12pm PST (Core Classes), 1-3pm PT (Social Hour, Individual Sessions and Special Events)


*please note that the masterclass with Michael Feinstein and Telly Leung will take place outside of normal Songbook Academy hours at 8pm EDT on Tuesday, July 20. 


A schedule is provided below. This schedule does not include the kick-off event on Saturday, July 17 from 7-8pm EDT or the recording of student performances on Saturday, July 24 in preparation for the virtual performances which will stream in early August. There are no live events scheduled on July 24, but students will be responsible for recording and uploading their performances by the end of the day. 


*Please note the schedule below is subject to slight changes prior to Songbook Academy week. Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.




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