The Power of Music


Music can enliven the brain and bring joy to people of all abilities, even those with memory problems. The healing power of music is becoming increasingly apparent in numerous studies, as well as in varied practical applications. A comprehensive article in the March/April 2015 issue of Scientific American Mind “The Healing Power of Music” describes the results of research, along with specific examples of music’s impact on the brain. The greatest benefits from music therapy- cognitive, emotional and social- come from intentional engagement with music.


These studies have shown that listening to music while actively singing and moving enhances mood, memory and overall quality of life.  The brain stores memories of favorite songs in an area that is particularly resistant to dementia.  When music connects to memories, the enjoyment of the moment takes over, bringing present and past together in perfect harmony. 


We are proud to offer our Perfect Harmony programming that aligns with these scientific and music therapy-based principals each month in our Exhibit Gallery.


Listen to Songbook Staff discuss Perfect Harmony and the Power of Music on WFYI's "The Art of the Matter".


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