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COVID-19 Update (9/1/2020): The Songbook Foundation has suspended all Perfect Harmony sessions until further notice in response to new COVID-19 guidelines issued August 1st, by state and federal officials. Click here for a full update or contact with any questions or concerns.


Perfect Harmony


Perfect Harmony is a group music program for older adults living with dementia. In partnership with the Greater Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, Perfect Harmony offers a unique opportunity for social and musical engagement, and promotes holistic well-being through music.


Participants visit the Songbook Exhibit Gallery at the Palladium to participate in an hour-long Perfect Harmony session.  Sessions are themed and based on various artists, holidays, seasons and musical genres.  Participants can look forward to a different program each month, and enjoy a wide range of musical activities designed to promote social engagement and cognitive stimulation, including:


  • Group singing
  • Rhythm and movement-based activities
  • Open discussion of experiences related to memorable songs
  • Instrument play
  • Musical games


Each session serves 12-15 individuals, including caregivers, who are highly encouraged to participate.  There is no cost to attend this program.


Perfect Harmony consults with a board-certified music therapist in an effort to provide the most effective non-clinical use of music.  Individuals who participate in Perfect Harmony can benefit from peer socialization, emotional support, cognitive stimulation and positive interactions through music.