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Families & Independent Caregivers


program participant who attends as her mother's caregiver

"My mother isn't happy very often, but she is always happy when we leave the monthly Perfect Harmony sessions. I cannot thank you enough."


Husband of early stage ATTENDEE

“My wife has Alzheimer’s disease.  What this does is the music helps reconnect her with the world.  While she can’t remember many things, she remembers songs that she heard 50 years ago, completely.  And this really makes her day very very good.  We have times that are not the best – but these [programs] help make the times extra special for her.”


Daughter of Early Stage ATTENDEE

“I saw the joy that was on her face.  A lot of the time she has thoughts that make her real sad – but today, I didn’t see that.  I just saw that happiness and she’s moving her hands – and I loved it.  I think this is a wonderful program that needs to continue.  The funding needs to be there for the program, because it brings life into those people.”



Wife of Early Stage Attendee

“We come and sing some songs that we like… the songs from the 60s.  We remember when we were teenagers.  It gives you a light heart – sometimes life can be kind of demanding and this is just a chance to sing things we like, hear music we like and learn something.” 


Wife of Early Stage Attendee

“Music is just a way to communicate and bring up memories that are good.  The group gets into the songs and really enjoys them, and we have a good time!”



Early Stage Alzheimer's Attendees


Early Stage ATTENDEE

“I like coming to Perfect Harmony because I like music and music is very very good for me.  It makes me feel well.  I remember all of the songs and it brings me joy!”


Early Stage ATTENDEE

“My favorite part is meeting different people and seeing what programs you have for people like myself.  I love jazz – you come and you hear a lot of good things and it helps the brain circulate and think about the good things that are here for you.” 



Activity Directors & Facilities


Activities Director, Summer Trace Retirement Community

"Just wanted to again thank each of you for providing an inspiring & wonderful visit for our seniors of Summer Trace last week! Each and every one of them enjoyed it, and I heard them touting it afterwards to many who did not attend. Personally, I think it's one of the best things we've done together! I/we thank you again for a job very well done!" 


Activity & Volunteer Coordinator, Sunrise Senior Living

“The program helps to bring residents to music they know and love.  The piano player slows the tempo to match the processing needs of the participants so that they do not feel rushed.”


Activity Director, The Barrington of Carmel

“Our residents truly enjoy Perfect Harmony and singing songs of their era.  We love how the staff engages the residents.”



Perfect Harmony Volunteers


Volunteer Accompanist 

“It’s a privilege.  We have a variety of people, but they all seem to find something in common with singing.  And that’s one of the things that makes what we’re doing special.  When they have the chance to participate, it’s amazing how many do participate and they know the people that are here with them all the time.”



Perfect Harmony Sponsors


Carol Applegate, founder of Applegate Elder Law, Sponsor of Perfect Harmony & Caregivers Workshop

"My mom played piano and organ, and even now, at age 85, music continues to be a lifeline for her.  She’ll head directly to the piano, where she entertains us with so many of the old, familiar and beloved songs.  The music provides a link from what was, to what is.  Helping to present this fantastic and important music program associated with the Great American Songbook… is a perfect complement to what we do…”



Songbook Foundation Founder, Michael Feinstein


Michael Feinstein, founder 

"One of the miracles that music provides is the ability to heal the soul and engage the spirit. I learned this early on in my own musical life when I performed twice weekly for residents of a retirement home where I witnessed first-hand this powerful healing force in action. Now ample research exists to corroborate what many of us already knew: that music provides cognitive, emotional, and social benefits. Music doesn't just make us feel good (and if that were the only benefit, it would be enough), but it goes much further and adds immeasurably to our quality of life.  The Great American Songbook Foundation is privileged to offer the Perfect Harmony programs to those with memory problems, a shockingly underserved community.”